Saturday, 7 January 2012

Inspiration is looking forward with an eye on where you've come from

This picture spoke to me. It reminds me of the year I just lived through. All the New Year's Resolutions talked about leaving the old behind and starting fresh. Well, I don't think you can start fresh. All you can do is proceed forwards. But all your experiences help you to make new decisions and in doing that clarifies choices you need to make for your future. You get to decide how this next year goes for you. A positive outlook will keep you moving forward. A negative outlook holds you back. It holds you back from healing. It holds you back from reaching out to others: for help, for comfort, for prayers, for support, for friendship and love. I feel blessed that I have been NED for 9 months now. Not a lot of time, but yet lots of time to decide how I want to spend the rest of my life. I must admit to quite a few months of feeling sorry for myself and dwelling on regrets etc etc. But now I'm feeling better about how things are going for me. I'm feeling blessed that I've had the support of my family and close friends and that I've met so many new friends. A lot of the new friends I've met are a direct result of my melanoma diagnosis. I feel fortunate for everyone in my life. Now that I'm feeling stronger emotionally, I feel like I can give back a litte more. I have been trying to be supportive to a couple of people battling with this monster. My friend Bobbie, who I've mentioned on my FB page is battling liver mets from ocular melanoma. He's just finished his 4th treatment with Yervoy. I'm inviting people to pray for him. He is surrounding himself with the power of prayer lately and is starting to feel a little better. My friend Deborah just had a wide excision of her right calf this week. She is doing well but is feeling quite stressed by this whole process. We need to pray for her as well. She needs our support.
Again, thank you all for being supportive and for reading my posts. I appreciate it a lot. Keep reading.

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  1. Welcome back Carolyn, I am sorry to hear about your friends, but I am sure you are guiding them and walking alongside them every step of the way.... You are right, we can't start ANEW but... We can look forward!!