Sunday, 15 January 2012

Simple Pleasures

Just got back from spending the day with my hubby and son. Daughter was to go out horseback riding. The rest of us went to the nursing home where my uncle is after he had a devastating stroke. We had to go and do a few things in his room and put up a muti-picture frame on the wall. He got to pick the pics to go in the frame and I think he really enjoyed that. Took a pic of him watching his new TV that my granny bought him for Christmas. My son put up his birdfeeder outside his window. He loves watching the birds. Simple pleasures. When you are confined to a wheelchair, paralysed on one side, living in a nursing home - these are simple pleasures. Family, football on TV, watching the birds.

For us, it was then off to get a burger for lunch and go to Walmart for groceries and shopping. Just got home and it's time to catch up on the computer with my diary, facebook, blog, and perhaps play a few games. Simple pleasures. I hope everyone's Sunday has been full of these same pleasures. Cheers.

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