Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Am I part monkey?

I follow a great poster on facebook, Dr. David Robles, who is also a dermatologist. I'm grabbing the pic he posted last week because it's one of the best quick-look pics talking about the ABCDE's of melanoma.
I also have a few plasticized cards I got from my personal derm that I give to people and have on my desk at work, and post on bulletin boards. There is so much info out there but I don't always thinks it's as accessible as it could be. People need to be looking at themselves and loved ones. Be hypervigilant. Especially if you have melanoma in the family. My kids must think I'm part monkey as I'm always picking through their scalp and looking at their moles. But they have a 50% increase in chance of developing melanoma because their mother has it. Early recognition and treatment is key! I have a 95% 5 year survival rate because mine was found and dealt with early.
This blog was inspired by a FB friend who I used to know over 30 years ago. She lives an ocean away and knows about my journey. She found a mole on her leg and is going to go have it looked at. Good for her! This is a good reminder that even though our friends are merrily going about their lives, they are still hearing us. Good for them. And good for us that we care enough to educate as many people as will listen to us.