Saturday, 4 February 2012

My Friend Bobbie

I want to talk about my friend Bobbie. Bobbie is fun. He is quirky, energetic, energizer bunny, almost manic at times. He doesn't pull punches; tells it like it is. He is loving, interesting, and plain old nuts. Bobbies is my mole mate. Thanks Carol, snagged this from you. I met Bobbie in June 2011 in Vancouver at a Patient Information Symposium put on by the Save Your Skin Foundation. I've posted about this symposium and have posted videos from the presenters. It took place at the Vancouver Art Museum. I went with my bestie Laurie. We drove all the way from Westbank, which was a 4 hour drive to go. After the symposium, which was fabulous, we toured the museum and the art was not fabulous. Digression! On the steps of the museum we chatted with a few of the people who had attended the symposium. One of these people was Bobbie. We hit it off so well that the we went out for lunch. We have since stayed in fairly close touch and he and Laurie have become like family.

Today Bobbie got bad news. The Yervoy did not work. The liver is pretty much totally tumor. The mets have spread to his abdomen. Bad news. You bet. I'm shaky and quaky inside and out. Laurie and I are heading out in the morning to go see him and see if there is anything we can do. I'm scared and nervous. I don't know what to do or say. He has been so upbeat and not letting us know how bad things are. Laurie's mom and daughter were able to be with Bobbie when he had his doctor's appointment and then they took him for lunch. They sent us a picture. We were horrified to see that he had lost, not the 20 lbs he had told us about - but more like 60. He looks like he's aged 20 years. He's young - only 49. I'm sad. But I want to support him. I hope I can dig down deep inside and find a way.