Wednesday, 22 August 2012

At the Beach With My Pal Melanoma

Sitting in my favorite spot - Sunoka Beach, just outside of Summerland, BC. Sounds wonderful doen't it? Sun, Beach, Summerland. Hot 35 degrees Celcius (almost 95 for you Fahrenheit people). So where was I - under a tree and an umbrella of course. I didn't get to enjoy my summer last year. An unfortunate boxing match with melanoma kept me indoors and afraid of my own shadow. I didn't go outside pretty much all last summer as I recovered and tried to come to terms with my new reality. This year, I've pulled myself up by my short and curlies because I will not bow down to the beast. I refuse to live my life being scared. I want to enjoy every minute, every second. I will be safe, but not sorry. I wear 60 SPF sunscreen and I sit under both a tree and an umbrella just to make sure. I go into the water when I get really hot and swim with my kids. Then I reapply my sunscreen. I still want to be out there with everyone else. I don't want to spend my summers indoors. That would defeat the purpose of living in Canada's Hawaii. I'm enjoying every bit of my summer this year. I'm glad I'm still here to do that. Some of us aren't so fortunate. Some of us are fighting an extreme battle and I'm praying hard for them. Me - I'm counting my many wonderful blessings. Two of them are my fabulous children. Mackenzie will be 16 in Sept and he is very much looking forward to driving. Ciara is 14 and will be singing in a Teen Talent contest at the fair in Armstrong next week. So lots to keep us busy. That's for sure. In the meantime, did you see that 6-pack that just walked by?

Clear Skin Exam - Well Almost

Had another 6 months skin exam at the derm today. She is a lovely lady. As pale as a white sheet of paper. I asked her how she kept so pale. Of course she has a product to sell for that. Will have to check it out. Anyways. I've been a little nervous about this exam as I've grown a couple of new funky things and a couple of my existing funky things have changed or grown. So a little worried but not too much as I feel too well for anything to be going side-ways at this point. So I got naked and she peaked around, and over, and under, and between stuff. Embarrassing.... Not that much anymore as I know it's in my best interest. She has the coldest hands ever. But, I'm usually having a hot flash and they feel pretty good. So she brought out her little dermascope to look closely at a few things. And then I pointed out my funky stuff as she seems to have missed all of them. They were all nothing she said except for a spot on the right side of my face. She says, "oh I'll get that" and came at me with what looked like a blow torch. After I finished having a heart attack she says it's just liquid nitrogen. I've had this particular spot burnt off before, so I knew what to expect. Hurts for a moment and then it's ok. She said it was a little pre- spot. Meaning likely pre-cancerous. But she didn't seem too concerned. Said it would blister and flake off. Well that's a good thing to tell pre-cancer - FLAKE OFF!!! lol. So I feel pretty darned good! Now I will relax. I go back again in Feb. and I plan to live every minute until then a little more carefree than I lived these last 6 months. I'm tired of being scared of my own shadow. I'm planning on being one of the lucky ones who doesn't have any further mels. There has to be some of us who stay a little more front and centre so we're not just hearing about the really scary stuff all the time. We are hear to support those who are going through the really scary stuff - of course we are. The Mel Community of Mole-Mates are the best. But people have to know that there are those of us who do survive and beat this beast. It gives others hope.  I'm going to bed to enjoy my rest and look forward to another wonderful day in the morning. Peace out.