Sunday, 7 August 2011

Walk to Remember

Today at 5:00 pm the Save Your Skin Foundation is hosting Walk to Remember. This is a Melanoma awareness walk with a picnic and silent auction. It is being held at the Mission Creek Regional Park in Kelowna BC. This is the second annual and first nation-wide walk. Lida is the prime motivator in this walk. She lost her 23 year old daughter Klara to Melanoma and needed to do something with the grief. So she got together about 75 people last year and held a walk. A Walk to Remember. They remembered, they cried, they talked, and they tried to heal. This year, the Save Your Skin Foundation is hosting a similar walk in a few other communities at the same time to help raise awareness and to network with other Melanoma Warriors. The other communities are West Vancouver, BC and Halifax, Nova Scotia. Our main goal is to raise awareness of this "Beast". It is the fastest growing cancer and the fastest growing killing cancer especially of young people. It kills more young women than breast cancer. It is very scary. I'm hoping that over time, as I heal, I will be able to be more involved in the raising awareness campaign. I want to be walking the beach and talking to as many people as possible. Is one of the number one leisure activities in the sunny Okanagan. And yet I find Melanoma awareness is nowhere near number one in people's minds.
I will post after the event and tell everyone about it. If you wish to donate to the Save Your Skin Foundation, here is the link.

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  1. This is a great cause. I wish I lived closer so I could participate. This is the fastest growing study group for cancer-gee i cant imagine why?
    randi-las vegas