Monday, 8 August 2011

Walk to Remember report

So yesterday was the walk. Beautiful weather: sunny sky, not too hot - in the shade, small breeze, fabulous location. Not many people showed up. I was disappointed, but not too terribly surprised as there is just not the awareness for Melanoma as there is for other cancers. But for the good stuff, those of us that were there were fabulous people!!! Kathy from the Save Your Skin Foundation was there - I was pleasantly surprised because they had a walk in West Vancouver as well. But she knew Klara - who was the person we were remembering and it was Klara's idea to start these walks. Her goal was to have walks in as many communities as possible across Canada., Well, we had 3 communities in Canada and 1 in Caans, France - how about that!! I was lucky enough to have my BFF Laurie come with me and we got to meet the people who were family, friends, and co-workers of Klara's. She sounds like she was an extraordinary person. I wished I would have known her. She was 23 when she died in 2009. Her Mom Lida and her sister Dominika pulled off this event almost single-handedly. Every year will be better. I don't know how much money was raised, but the spirits were high. We had a picnic afterwards and I won the door prize - go figure. Then Laurie and I went out for a fabulous supper and talked and talked. Was a very good day and evening.

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